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Beast Brawl is a video game made from scratch in C++17 with our own graphic and physics engine. Also with our own online technologies. It has been developed by a group of six people in the last year of Multimedia Engineering degree at the University of Alicante.

Beast Brawl is a fast, frenetic and fun arcade driving game, which also has different game modes, including online mode, and whose aim is that you can play quick games with your friends to have a great time. The objective is to pick up the main item called “the Totem” and hold it for a certain amount of time. The Totem will be picked up from the ground, or we will try to steal it from the opponent who is carrying it by using power-ups.

The graphics engine has been implemented using OpenGL, GLEW and GLFW. We have also programmed the physics engine with the help of the GLM library quaternions. The online technologies have been developed using the Boost.Asio library. Finally, we have used the FMOD C Api to create our sound engine as well.

I was mainly involved in the development of online technologies and game AI. Implementing systems such as Fuzzy Logic, Behavior Trees and Steering Behaviors. I also participated in the development of the graphics engine.

The development of the project has tried to be as professional as possible. Among other things, we carried out a pre-production, a market study, created social networks such as twitter or instagram, and developed post-production elements such as the release trailer that can be seen below: